• Aloe Shampoo

    For your shining & soft hair

      • Removes dandruff
      • Promotes hair growth
      • Coolant in property
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  • Adathodai

    Used as an expectorant

      • Used as an expectorant
      • Helps to remove phlegm and used as a remedy for cold and cough throat infection and wheezing
      • Helps to support the respiratory function
      • Promotes voice tone
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  • Adhi Mathuram

    Helps to balance the body heat

      • Used as a remedy for hiccups, dry tongue, cold, excessive thirst
      • Helps to balance the body heat
      • Used as an expectorant
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  • Arugampul

    Cynodon dactylon – Bermuda grass

      • Helps to maintain healthy vision
      • Promotes healthy hair and skin
      • Used as a detoxifier
      • Helps to support urinary tract function
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  • Aswagantha

    Withania somnifera – Indian ginseng – Aswagandha

      • Used as a nervine tonic
      • Promotes joint mobility and Used as an aphrodisiac
      • Promotes vitality
      • Helps to support the immune system
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  • Chemparuthi

    Hibiscus rosasinensis – Shoe flower - Semparuthi

      • Helps to balance body heat
      • Promotes healthy hair and skin
      • Helps to improve blood circulationUsed as a cardiac tonic
      • Helps to maintain healthy vision
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  • Kadukkai

    Terminalia chebula – Chebulic myrobalan - Kadukkai

      • Used as a laxative
      • Used to detoxify the body
      • Helps to balance the body heat
      • Used as an expectorant
      • Promotes digestion & vitality
      • Helps to support the immune system
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  • Kandankatiri

    Solanum xanthocarpum ? Yellow berried nightshade

      • Enables the ease of breathe
      • Used as a remedy for cold and cough
      • Used as an expectorant
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  • Karisalai

    Eclipta prostrata - Trailing eclipta ? Karisalai

      • Used as a liver tonic
      • Helps to boost immune system
      • Promotes healthy hair and skin
      • Used as a detoxifier
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  • Karuvepilai

    Murraya koenigii ? Curry leaves ? Karuvepillai

      • Promotes healthy hair and skin
      • Helps to maintain healthy vision
      • Helps to boost immunity
      • Used as a laxative
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  • Keezhaneeli

    Phyllanthus niruri ? Stonebreaker/Indian phyllanthus

      • Used as a liver tonic
      • Helps to reduce excess body heat
      • Promotes healthy hair and skin
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  • Kuppaimeni

    Acalypa indica ? Indian acalypha ? Kuppaimeni

      • Used as a laxative
      • Used as an expectorant
      • Helps to remove intestinal worms
      • Used as a remedy for piles and skin diseases
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  • Manjal Karisalai

    Manjal Karisalai is traditionally known livertonic

      • Controls diabetes
      • It promotes hair growth
      • improves memory
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  • Muddakkaruthan

    Cardiospermum halicacabum ? Balloon vine - Mudakatran

      • Promotes joint mobility
      • Helps to reduce joint pains
      • Used as a laxative
      • strengthens the nervous tissues
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  • Naaval

    Regular intake of naval prevents ill effects of ulcers

      • Boost immunity
      • Controls diabetes
      • Prevents ill effects of ulcers
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  • Nelli

    Nelli is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants

      • improves vision
      • promotes hair growth
      • strengthens bone
      • relieves constipation
      • detoxifies the blood
      • improves blood circulation
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  • Nila Avarai Poo

    Cassia angustifolia ? Tinnevelly senna - Nilavarai

      • Helps to relieve constipation
      • Promotes healthy skin
      • Helps to detoxify the body
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  • Nilavembhu

    Andrographis paniculata ? King of bitters - Nilavembu

      • Used as a remedy for fever
      • Promotes vitality.
      • Helps to reduce body ache
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  • Orithazhthamarai

    Hybanthus enneaspermus ? Spade flower

      • increases sperm count
      • Promotes healthy hair
      • Promotes joint mobility
      • Promotes vitality
      • Used as an aphrodisiac
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  • Perunerinjil

    Tribulus terrestris ? Caltrops - Perunerunjil

      • Helps to enhance kidney and urinary tract function
      • Helps to balance body heat
      • Used as an aphrodisiac
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  • Ponnanganni

    Alternanthera sessilis ? Sessile joyweed - ponnanganni

      • Helps to maintain healthy vision
      • Promotes healthy hair and skin
      • Helps to support liver function
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  • Siriyanangai

    Polygala glabra ? milkworts ? Siriyanangai

      • Promotes healthy skin
      • Promotes vitality
      • beneficial in skin disease
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  • Sirukurinjan

    Used to detoxify the body

      • Promotes appetite
      • Used to detoxify the body
      • Corrects burning urination and white discharge
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  • Thoothuvalai

    Promotes healthy skin

      • Enhances male fertility factor
      • Used as an expectorant
      • boosts immunity
      • Promotes healthy skin
      • Helps to support respiratory function
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  • Thulasi

    Tulasi - beneficial in asthma

      • It is highly beneficial in asthma
      • Used as an expectorant
      • Used as a remedy for cold, cough and flu
      • Promotes vitality
      • Helps to support the respiratory function
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  • Thuthi

    Tuthi reduces excess body heat and itching

      • reduces excess body heat and itching
      • Indicated in all types of piles
      • Promotes digestion.
      • Used to balance body heat
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  • Triphala

    Triphala ? Terminalia chebula (Chebulic myrobalan)

      • eye tonic
      • controls excess urination
      • relieves constipation
      • beneficial in anaemia
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  • Vallarai

    Centella asiatica ? Indian penny wort ? vallarai

      • Promotes vitality
      • Helps to support memory
      • For general health care
      • Helps to support the immune system
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  • Venthayam

    Trigonella foenum ? Fenugreek seeds ? Venthayam

      • Helps for ideal blood glucose level
      • Rich in fibre
      • Helps to balance body heat
      • Used as a remedy for stomach pain
      • Promotes healthy hair and skin
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  • Vilvam

    Aegle marmelos ? Bael leaves - Vilvam

      • Exhibits antidiabetic property
      • Used as a remedy for dysentery and piles
      • Promotes vitality
      • Helps to support liver function
      • Helps to support the immune system
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  • Alday

    Contain rejuvenating herbs like ashwagantha,musli,silasathu

      • Mitigates the deranged pitha
      • Strengthens the nervous system
      • Boosts immunity
      • Indicated in insomnia, menstrual disorders
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  • Respitone

    Contain Adathoda and Thalisapatri

      • Beneficial in sinus and migraine headache
      • Indicated in cold and cough
      • Supports the resiratory mechanism
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  • Obecare

    Contains Nuna, garlic, pepper and Tamarind

      • Essential for healthy weight loss
      • Malabar tamarind checks for ideal blood cholestrol level
      • Pepper and garlic promotes digestion
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  • Marsulin

    Neem ,sirugurinjan,venthayam,naval are present

      • For ideal blood glucose level
      • Venthayam contains fibre
      • Sirugurinjan stimulates function of pancrease
      • Naval is essential for ideal glucose level in urine
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  • Novite

    It recommended for menstrual irregularity

      • recommended for menstrual irregularity
      • exhibits antibacterial and antifungal property to combat white discharge
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  • Spireact

    It corrects anaemia and nourishes the blood tissue

      • enhances the immune system
      • corrects anaemia
      • nourishes the blood tissue
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  • Artholube

    Omam,valuzhuvai,Kungiliyam are present

      • Combats degenerative changes of joints
      • Essential to reduce pain and swelling of joints
      • Works to relieve stiffness
      • Indicated to improve to blood circulation to joints
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  • Dermoguard

    It combats skin allergy, relieves itching

      • Purifies the blood
      • Indicated in skin ailments
      • Corrects itching and skin dryness
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  • Amla

    It is a rejuvenating fruit.

      • It stimulates liver and expels the toxins
      • Supports your digestive system
      • Enhance the immune health
      • Rich source of vitamin c and other nutrients
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  • Aloevera

    Reduces body heat

      • Reduces body heat,burning sensation of urine,abdominal pain
      • Indicated in menstrual cramps, Ulcer,Leucorrhea
      • Essential for ideal blood sugar leve
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  • Agni

    Vilvam, adhimaduram, keezhanelli all reduces pitha.

      • Reduces the aggravated pitha in body
      • Mouth ulcers
      • Promotes digestion
      • Burning sensation
      • Menstrual regulator
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  • Cool

    Thulasi, nelli, thaneer vittan kizhangu, adhimaduram, dried ginger

      • Indicated in Cough, cold and astmatic condition
      • Strengthen the respiratory organs
      • Overcome kapha ailments
      • Prevents asthmatic complaints
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  • Diastop

    Kadukkai, nellikai, thandrikai, naval, seenthil, keelazhanelli

      • Essential for ideal Blood and urine sugar level
      • Mitigates the deranged pitha humor
      • Corrects indigestion
      • Rich in fibre
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  • Kaatru

    Nannari, nelli, marutham, dried ginger present

      • Indicated in gastritis
      • Mitigates the deranged vata humor
      • Essential to manage hypertension
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  • Thripala

    Kadukkai, thandrikkai and nellikai are present

      • Indicated in mouth ulcer
      • Relieves constipation
      • Strengthens gastrointestinal system
      • Excellent Appetizer
      • Enhance immune health
      • Reduces hair fall and promotes growth
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  • Musli Bul

    Nellikai, thaneervittan kizhangu are contained in musli bul

      • Enhances immune system
      • Improves fertility factor of men
      • Essential to enhance the vitality of Sperm
      • Reduces body heat
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  • Noni

    It contain amla,musli,sweet thulasi and nuna

      • Enhances immune system
      • Essential to manage hypertension and ideal blood cholesterol level
      • Amla act as Laxative and helps to reduce weight
      • Maintains ideal blood glucose level
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  • Gasvin

    Maintains pitha. Alovera, adhimaduram, thripala

      • Indicated in heart burn, peptic ulcer corrects indigestion
      • Relieves the discomfort of flatulence
      • Increases the appetite
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  • Power Food

    supplement for male and female reproductive life

      • Strengthens nervous system
      • It improves the vitality of sperm
      • It act as aphrodisiac
      • Enhances immune system
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  • Diabetic Food

    Fenugreek and naval are present in this food

      • Fenugreek and jamun are the functional ingredients
      • Fibre rich fenugreek is an essential ingredient
      • Maintains ideal blood glucose level
      • Jamun controls urine glucose level
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  • Slim Food

    Nerunjil kodampuli,kollu are contained in the food

      • Manages obesity
      • Controls excess appetite
      • Essential for ideal blood cholestrol levels
      • Corrects dropsy
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  • Ortho Food

    Reduces joint pain,swelling and degeneration changes

      • Controls joint pain,swelling and degeneration changes
      • Strengthens the bones
      • Prevent discomfort of menstrual cramps
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  • Memory Food

    It is prepared from vallarai leaves

      • improves memory power
      • Relaxes mind and soul
      • It provides immunity for children
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  • Honey

    It is rich in vitamin and minerals

      • Obtained from bees wax by traditional method
      • It is rich in vitamin and minerals
      • Enhances immune system
      • It protects the body from any disease
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  • Painkiller Oil

    It acts as expectorant

      • Indicated for instant pain relief
      • Relieves muscular sprain
      • Combats Back ache ,stiffness of joints
      • Relieves discomfort of arthritis
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  • Power X

    Act as nervine tonic and aphrodisiac

      • Maintains a healthy reproductive life in men
      • Builds immunity and as a nervine tonic
      • Essential to increase sperm count in males
      • Musli, poonaikalli are herbs that increases vitality of sperm
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  • Neermulli Kudineer

    Diuretic and blood purifier

      • Expels the toxins
      • Act as Diuretic, Laxative, Rubefacient, Aphrodisiac and AntidoteIt is indicated in urinary tract infections
      • Revives the function of kidney
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  • Guru Marunthu

    Helps to maintain blood pressure level

      • Helps to maintain ideal blood pressure level
      • Improves appetite
      • Indicated in insomina and disease of nutritional deficiency
      • Strengthen the nervous system
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  • Pancha Kalpam

    It removes any types of skin allergies

      • Indicated in skin allergy and various dermatological conditions
      • It protects skin from harmful radiations
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  • New Tooth Powder

    Removes any type of plaque from teeth

      • Essential to control plaque of teeth
      • Removes odour from teeth
      • Brushing your teeth twice a day is good for health
      • Enhances immunity
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  • Mudi Ennai

    Strengthens hair from hair follicles

      • Strengthens hair from hair follicles
      • Reduces hair fall and enables to grow enormous amount of hair
      • Prepared from ancient method of siddhar used
      • Essential to maintain the natural hair colour
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  • Pitha Saatha Podi

    It corrects excess body heat

      • corrects excess body heat
      • stimulates digestion
      • relieves constipation
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  • Vadha Saatha Podi

    It relieves all types of pain

      • Relieves constipation
      • Indicated in gastritis, vitiated vata humor
      • Expels toxins
      • Nutritional Supplement in pain management
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  • Kabam Oil

    To relieve throat irritation and for sound sleep

      • Essential to mitigate kaba humor
      • To relieve throat irritation
      • Enhance the respiratory mechanism
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  • Pitha Oil

    It reduces excess body heat

      • reduces excess body heat
      • relieves fatigue
      • prevents constipation
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  • Vadha Oil

    It relieves all types of pain

      • Relieves body ache
      • Combats inflammation of joints
      • Essential for pain management in arthritis
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  • Ms Elegam

    It is only medicine which contain 56 herb

      • It act as aphrodisiac
      • It is essential to improve the vitality of sperm
      • It can manage premature ejaculation of sperm
      • Beneficial as nervine tonic
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  • Ss Elegam

    Reduce body weight

      • Ensures ideal body weight
      • Essential to relieve the discomforts of menstrual cramps
      • Indicated in clinical complaints of thyroid ,polycystic ovary
      • Removes toxic substances from body
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  • Satthu Maavu

    Act as nervine tonic enhance immune system

      • Act as nerve tonic enhance immune system
      • Indicated in respiratory ailments,to build the immunity and to aid digestion.
      • One of the functional ingredient Sirunaaga poo - the dried stamens are used in bleeding disorders
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  • Brahma Chooranam

    It cures any type of disease from head to toe

      • Upholds the immune system
      • Essential for good mental acuity
      • It promotes sound sleep
      • A natural supplement to support nervous system
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  • Maha Thailam

    Cures headache

      • Relieves headache
      • Essential for pain management in arthritis and tooth ache
      • External application can relieve the discomfort and distress of respiration
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  • Sirsudar Thailam

    Instant remedy in pain management

      • Essential for pain management in various types of arthritis
      • Combats muscular sprain, stiffness of joint and inflammation.
      • Enables the mobility of the joints
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  • Malachikkal Chooranam

    It act as excellent laxatives

      • It act as excellent laxative
      • Relieves abdominal cramp and headache due to chronic constipation
      • Relieves flatulence
      • Indicated in vata humor imbalance
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  • Sv Chooranam

    It controls frequent urination

      • It can manage excessive thirst, frequent urination, and weight loss in diabetic
      • Essential to withdraw Insulin dependence in diabetic
      • Enables the control of glucose levels in blood and urine
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  • G Con

    Helpful for correct digestion

      • Correct the discomfort and distress caused by flatulence
      • Helpful for correct digestion
      • Prevention of bloating of abdomen
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  • Easy Way

    It relieves constipation

      • Ease bowel movements
      • Relieves constipation
      • Corrects difficulty during defecation
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  • C Plus

    Improve immune mechanism

      • Improve immune mechanism
      • Strengthen the vitality and bio strength with natural resistance against disease
      • Restore lustre of skin and hair
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  • Brain Power

    Promotes memory power

      • Promotes memory power,memory retention, concentration and cognitive function
      • Provide nutrients to brain
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  • G Free

    G free is essential to aid digestion

      • Prevent the formation of fermented gas reduction of tummy
      • G free is recommended for bloated abdomen, indigestion and chronic constipation
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  • Vetpalai Thailam

    To combat dryness and itching

      • Anti inflammatory indicated in psoriasis
      • To combat dryness and itching,dandruff and various dermatological disease of scalp
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  • Ayul Plus

    Prevent cardio vascular disease

      • Prevent cardio vascular disease
      • Cardiac tonic formulated with conventional heart care
      • Regulating blood cholesterol level and protection of muscles of hear
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  • Eclipta Hair Oil

    Promote hair growth

      • Strengthen the hair roots
      • Promote hair growth
      • Impart natural colour to the hair
      • Eclipta hair oil is indicated in hairfall, premature greying
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  • Patthu mathirai

    Instant relief of headache

      • Instant relief of headache
      • The best benefits are obtained on application over forehead, cheeks and behind the ears.
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  • Murungaipoo Legium

    Improve the vitality of men

      • Strengthening nervous system
      • Improve the vitality of men
      • Boost the reproductive function of both genders enhance the mechanism of fertility hormones
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  • Avarampoo

    Maintain ideal blood glucose level

      • Promotes healthy hair and skin Promotes vitality
      • For general health care
      • Helps to uphold the immune system
      • Builds immunity
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  • Sarvam

    Highly recommended in piles, diabetes

      • Essential for Pain management in arthrits
      • For ideal blood glucose level
      • It enhances immunity
      • Indicated in skin ailments
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  • Aloe Hair Oil

    Reduces excess body heat

      • Reduces body heat
      • enforce good sleep
      • Strengthens hair follicles
      • Prevents grey hair
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  • Eanway

    Managing nervous debility

      • Helps to improve immunity
      • Managing nervous debility
      • Improve fertility factors
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  • Nelavambu Kudineer

    It reduces fever

      • Anti inflammatory
      • Detoxification( detoxifies blood, liver , spleen for pathogens and endotoxin)
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  • Mathulai Syrup

    It is a herbal syrup

      • It is a cardiac tonic.
      • Helps to increase appetite
      • Beneficial in relieving tiredness,
      • Correcting burning sensation of palm and sole
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  • Nannari Syrup

    It is a herbal syrup

      • It is known for its coolant property
      • Treating leucorrhea, hyperacidity,urinary disorders
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  • Turmeric Face Wash

    Turmeric - A sacred herb

      • Its helps to Lightens blemishes, Fights acne,
      • Reduces wrinkles.
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  • Amla Shampoo

    Hair and scalp rejuvenator

      • It balances the hair problems due to all three humours
      • Reducing excess body heat
      • Reduces premature greying of hair.
      • Prevents hair fall
      • Combats dryness and reduces itching.
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  • Papaya Face Pack

    Recommended for dry skin

      • Nourishes the skin.
      • Provides skin glow.
      • Highly recommended for dry skin, irritable skin.
      • Keeps the face bright ,enlighted and fresh
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  • Hibiscus Hair Oil

    Hibiscus is full of antioxidants

      • It helps cool and soothe scalp providing relief from itchy scalp and dandruff.
      • Helps to rehydrate the hair?s keratin fibres , adds strength and elasticity to the hair, making it strong
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  • Thaadu Chooranam

    Nourish the male reproductive system

      • Improves the metabolic process of body
      • Enhance the vitality of men
      • Nourish the male reproductive system
      • Highly recommended to uphold the efficacy of sperm in quality and quantity
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  • Pasi Chooranam

    Enhances the digestive mechanism

      • Enhances the digestive mechanism
      • Stimulates appetite
      • Reduce flatulence
      • Acts a digestive aid
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  • Satthu Chooranam

    To improve strength, boost immunity

      • Improve strength
      • Boost immunity
      • Acts as a nervine tonic
      • Recommended for the nourishment of the body
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  • Slim Chooranam

    To reduce the deposition of fat

      • Improves digestion
      • Reduce the deposition of fat
      • Relieves the retention of air and water in body that is known to cause discomforts of obesity.
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  • Siddhar Chooranam

    It is a vital supplement for cancer

      • Nutritional supplement for cancer patients
      • Nourishes the body system
      • Enhances the ability of defence mechanism
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