Almaa works to throw lighton the fruitful benefits of our ancient traditional siddha system of medicine for the welfare of our people. Almaa's service is the stepping stone to create awareness about the unparalled cure for various chronic disease as per the hymns of siddhars. The prime motto of Almaa is to insist the importance of food, as "Food is Medicine".

A step ahead to this principle, Almaa is conducting many talk shows to insist the value of traditional& staple food of tamil people, especially tamil people residing abroad.Our talk show concerns on disease causing foods, disease curing foods, incompatible foods, seasonal foods and a lot more about food. Almaa is aiming to educate public to identify kayakalpa drugs and methods to preserve the drugs, for which Almaa selects 10 people per village and train them to know the application of grand old medicinal practice for even minor ailments like fever, gastric complaints, respiratory complaints etc. In other hand Almaa is preaching people to plant trees like peppel, bamboo, tulsi, that provide 24 hour oxygen exertion to purify the polluted air. Pollution free world is a better way to prevent disease, is another ideology of Almaa.

Almaa aims to make people identify the respective siddha medicines for their own disease,other than major and conditions of surgical importance. Almaa works to make this possible by 2025, for which it conducts many valuable medical talk shows and camps. To lead a disease free life style, almaa renders internal medication and external detoxifying therapies like, Thokkanam, leaf bath, mudbath & steam bath. Another prime motto of Almaa is to insisit the value and need for consuming "Rice", which is the traditional and staple food of south Indian people. Talk shows are conducted to make people consume rice, ragi, millet, corn in their daily food, by the way uplifting the status of tamil farmers.

Almaa also works to bringup efficient siddha medical practitioners, for which it conduts classes on identification of raw drug, medicines, nadi pariksha, knowledge on prakriti, anupanam ( vechicles for medicines ), diet for disease. Almaa is also publishing monthly magazines, and dvds to enrich knowledge on disease and its cure.