Murraya koenigii – Curry leaves – Karuvepillai

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      • Promotes healthy hair and skin.
      • Helps to maintain healthy vision.
      • Helps to boost immunity.
      • Used as a laxative.

Direction of use:

Boil one teaspoon powder in 150ml of water and let it reduce up to 50ml. Filter and drink in the morning and night after food.

  • Þîò «ï£ò£OèO¡ ï‡ð¡
  • óˆîˆ¬î Þ÷‚°‹
  • G¬øò ¬õ†ìI¡èœ à¬ìò¶
  • º® èÁ‚辋, è‡èœ åO ªðø¾‹ à
  • «ï£Œ âF˜Š¹ ê‚F 