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Welcome to Almaa Herbal

Almaa acknowledges, abides and acts upon the principles and provides right treatment for universal diseases with herbal products as food supplementary, While pharmaceutical companies extract active ingredients from plants and sell them as drugs, the benefits of medicinal plants which cannot be replicated because of their synergistic combination of hundreds of naturally occurring phytochemicals that cannot be produced in laboratories.

The benefit comes from using the whole plant, not just an isolated ingredient. Because they contain whole herbs and fruits, ALMAA HERBAL EXTRACTIONS formulas are safer and more effective.


Siddha Medicines

Siddha is a a traditional system of medicine in India. It is of Dravidian origin and has its entire literature in Tamil language....

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Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional Hindu medicine.Ayurveda is a discipline of the upaveda or "auxiliary knowledge" in Vedic tradition....

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Naturopathy medicine is a form of alternative medicine employing a wide array of "natural" treatments, including homeopathy, herbalism, and acupuncture....

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Founder Desk

Welcome abroad ALMAA as we embark on this journey of fulfilling the dreams of our ancient Siddhas by bringing health and nutrition to every life....

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Our Products

We are into various Ayurveda Services which will give you a better health. We offer various Servcies and Products.

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I was suffering with leg pain and consulted many doctors, Finally I reached Almaa and get the assistance. They patiently understood my condition and my body’s response to various medicines, and gave me a proper treatment thanks to them. I completely got rid of the problem. - Lakshmi
I thank Almaa and your team for the professional and expert attention we received when I brought my son who was affected with severe sinus problem. We got the best solution in a short span of time. - Parimala
I thank you Almaa on behalf of my family for the excellent services that you accorded during the treatment of our mother. It was a long term struggle and with many doctors but the solution was given by you and in a very short time we got the complete solution. Thank You so much. - Rajan
It is a very good and excellent place with regard to treatment. Junior doctors are very friendly and Senior doctor also takes more time to hear on us. They clearly hear and analyse the problem befor diagnosis. - Thamizhvendan
Thanks to all the doctors and staff. They gave complete assistance and support. Also they gave me perfect instruction and periodic follow up. - Syed Ibrahim
I want to thank Velayutham sir doctors and staffs, we are fully satisfied with your treatment and caring. - Ranjani